The slings and arrows thrown at each other from politicians have been around since the dinosaur days

This is nothing new, politicians, from both sides, look for anything they can get their hands on to stir up controversy. You may watch and listen to a video where you can interpret it in many different ways, and it can quickly get you some un-attention you weren't hoping for. Just ask Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen, who has found himself in a tornado of criticism.

A video has come under the public eye of Jensen talking about "support" from Russian President Vladimir Putin

Pretty hard to deny comments that are clearly heard on a video. According to during a speech made back in September, here is what he said "One day I was on the Moscow News because Moscow was making a big deal about in America, they’re so afraid of the truth that a doctor who tells the truth gets in trouble. Well, I never expected any help from Mr. Putin but I’m getting it," This of course set off a sea of negative comments. Check out Jensen's response back to Senator Michelle Benson

Jensen denied any kind of praise for Putin

The world has its eyes on Putin and the tense situation he has created in Ukraine, and probably not beneficial to Jensen if people associate him with this out-of-control leader. This is how Jensen explained himself "The insinuation that I praised Putin and vice versa is ridiculous and originated from a left-wing blog" We shall see how his video and comments play out. Here is what has landed him in some hot water:

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