Ok so I see this headline in a story on Google, and the first thing I'm curious about is how they went about gathering their information

This is the story I'm talking about, the headline screamed out "Report: North Dakota hospitals worst in nation for performance" - According to voiceofalexandria.com a report from The Leapfrog Group says "North Dakota is the worst in the nation for hospital safety...The state came in last place with zero of its hospitals receiving an "A" grade, unmoved from its ranking in Fall 2021 when none of the hospitals analyzed by the Leapfrog Group received an "A."  There were only 4 other States ( Wyoming, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia ) that had the same results.

So a couple of things here, just exactly WHO is The Leapfrog Group?

They are a "national watchdog organization" with their goals of gathering performances by hospitals all around the country and passing that on to individuals choosing where to receive their care - voiceofalexandria.com reported.

I get it, but what does this group base their claims on? Pretty bold statements by them I would say

So reading further on this, COVID-19 played a huge part in the negative results that North Dakota hospitals received, the extra overload on employees affected the way they treated their patients. Leah Binder, president and CEO of The Leapfrog Group put it this way "The health care workforce has faced unprecedented levels of pressure during the pandemic, and as a result, patients' experience with their care appears to have suffered," My last question, was COVID the only factor they used to report negative grades against hospitals? The Group said they used over 30 measures of patient and data on patient experience.

My final thoughts

I would love to see this so-called helpful group turn their energy into focusing on all the wonderful things our hospital employees do for people out here in North Dakota. From the doctors to the nurses, to everyone who is involved in taking of us, it's not an easy job, and it should be rewarded, not given some lame bad grade.

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