A visit to our radio station here in Mandan brought us some talented teens

This is actually one of my favorite parts of my job when we have a classroom or anyone for that matter that wants to come in and see what we do. I find myself thinking back to when I was in school, listening to the radio, wondering who was behind the voice, somewhat fascinated by what I could only imagine was a total blast doing this for a living, because the personalities I was hearing on my favorite station became a huge part of my day.

Eli Bullock, a teacher at Standing Rock Community High School, and 5 aspiring youths stopped by this morning

From our Supertalk 1270 studio to US 103.3, then a quick visit to Hot 97.5, followed by checking out Cool 98.7, then ending up at the all-new 96.5 The Walleye, where I was introduced to Eli, Kyle, Durell, James, Courtney, and Ajilon. I was intrigued by an awesome thing they got going on at Standing Rock Community High School - Let me give you a peek:


They have their very own radio station---ROCKSTARS!!!!! One of their students was at a track meet this morning, he actually schedules the music they play ( mostly classic rock) - James, Courtney, and Ajilon handle the on-air duties, with Ajilon learning a craft that is not easy to do, interviewing people. When you hear someone do that so effortlessly, it takes a lot of work to get to that level. YOU can tune into the future stars @ Standing Rock Warrior Radio Show!

I predict great things for this group

Eli has been out at the school for 5 years, and he loves "...interacting with the kids, having fun" Check this out, next Wednesday, April 13th at 10:00 aam, you can listen in via streaming at KLND.com 89.5 FM. 


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