The new law regarding the carry of concealed weapons goes into effect next Tuesday. Here is what you need to know.


As KXMB-TV reports, the new law, which goes into effect on August 1st, allows anyone to carry a handgun without a permit. But law enforcement and gun advocates alike agree safety is the top priority.

In the words of one local gun enthusiast: "It doesn't mean that everyone should carry. I would hope that anyone who is considering it does diligence, does the research, knows how to handle the firearm and knows the proper safety for it.”

Stark County Sheriff Terry Oestreich offers four simple rules: "Treat every gun as if it's loaded, Never point that gun at anything you wouldn't be willing to destroy, Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire, and be absolutely certain of your target and what's beyond.”

To carry a firearm a person must be 18 years old, no disqualifying factors from owning a firearm, like a felony conviction, must be a resident for 1 year and can only carry that weapon within state lines.

Federal buildings (such as a post office or a courthouse) do not allow firearms. You also can't carry them in schools or in bars, but you are allowed to carry in state or federal parks and some restaurants. When in doubt, check ahead.


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