I was a hairstylist for several years before I got back into radio full-time. I loved doing hair, and I always will. And I think anyone who is even a little bit interested in the industry should go for their dreams, because cosmetology is a pretty awesome career field.

We don't have many hair schools in North Dakota, but we are getting a new one! Coming in the new year, Williston will be the home of North Dakota's newest cosmetology school. Two women in Williston are opening the school, which will be in the same building as an established salon in the town.

According to KX News, the Hair Society Institute of Cosmetology will be open for school in 2021. The school will be located in the same building as Hair Safari in Williston. The two owners, Leticia Ortiz and Cynthia Gonzales are working on remodeling the first two floors of the building for their students. Get the full story about the Hair Society Institute of Cosmetology from KX News here.

Like I said before, if you love hair, makeup, skin, nails, etc., you might love a career in cosmetology. You learn more than just how to cut and color hair, do facials, and mani/ pedis, there is more to being a cosmetologist. When I went to cosmetology school, we learned about the salon industry, business, customer service, sales, and science - yes, it is actually a science to formulate colors.

Even if you don't end up at the same level as Jen Atkin (hair stylist to the Kardashians), you'll still have a talent that will stay with you a lifetime.



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