The murder trial of Chad Isaak has been nothing short of suspense, controversy, and big-time mystery. I have had the chance to follow along and watch/listen to KX NEWS live streaming - from gavel to gavel.

April 1, 2019

Four employees at RJR Maintenance here in Mandan were found brutally murdered. The killer had entered a side door early in the morning and left a bloody scene. Three days later, a suspect was arrested in Washburn - that individual was Chad Isaak - a chiropractor - and that is the individual we have been watching throughout the whole trial (which began back on August 2nd.

Court TV - providing this drama to the rest of the country

Some people I have talked to have never been on a jury, let alone even watched real-life courtroom drama unfold live. Whether we wanted Mandan, North Dakota to be in a national spotlight or not, Court TV has been out here for the whole thing. One of the most intriguing factors from day one has been WHY? That appeals to a platform that delivers cases from all over the country.

Inside the jury room

The case was finally handed to the jury at 1:58 pm yesterday - Judge David Reich finished with his instructions to all 12 of the men and women who will be deciding Isaak's fate. The prosecutors presented evidence of the killer's arrival at the murder scene and exit. There was fiber found from Isaak's clothes at the murder site, blood found in his vehicle. The defense fought back, by saying that there was no iron-clad evidence that could place their client anywhere near the murders. The biggest question of course was, "What was the motive?" Mandan Police had no answer - The prosecution team had no answer - The defense said there "You can't convict Isaak without a motive" and "The case is short on facts and the case is short on evidence"

10:15 am - A verdict is reached

Over two years it's come down to this - the jury announced they have a verdict. After deliberating for just over four hours, it's just a matter of any minute now -

10:34 - Chad Isaak Found GUILTY! On ALL COUNTS!
Judge Reich announced the verdict, sounds of slight gasps and some crying could be heard in the courtroom - closure to a horrible event that left us all numb with shock - which to me is how I feel still, that a killer would savagely end the lives of Robert Fakler, Adam Fuehrer, Bill, and Lois Cobb.

Video of the verdicts being read - #BREAKING #ChadIsaak #CourtTV


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