North Dakota's all-time record for early voting has been broken for this year's election, according to the North Dakota Secretary of State's Office.

The previous record, which was set in the 2012 early election, 136,685 ballots were cast. This year, nearly 24,000 more ballots have been received. This total reaches over 160,000 ballots cast prior to Election Day.

The real-time numbers, which you can see here, haven't included some counties in the running tally that are still being counted. When those counties are added to those real-time numbers, that total is more than 160,000 ballots.

The presidential election in 2016 included 134,805 early voters, which is the third highest number in the history of any election held in the state of North Dakota.

If you're still unsure of where to go to vote in North Dakota, click here to find your polling place.

You can also stay on top of all the election results for Senate, House, and Ballot Measures by clicking here.

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