Avianax, a company linked to the University of North Dakota, has possibly found a cure for a disease found in puppies known as canine parvovirus. 

Canine parvovirus (parvo) is a virus spread through an animals' waste. It mostly comes in direct contact with dogs in shelters, kennels or dog shows. Puppies can die from the virus but many are put down due to the high costs of antibiotics and medication used to treat symptoms. It also takes roughly six days before the puppy will feel better.

Avianax originally began trying to find a cure for flocks of dying geese which led to the discovery of this new antibody technology. Eventually, they found it can also help puppies who have been diagnosed with parvo.

So far, there has been a 90 percent success rate in curing parvo in over 50 puppies from seven states. This new treatment will be cheaper and can work in as little time as two days.

Learn more about UND's partnership with Avianax and all of their discoveries at their website.

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