If this is going to be your first visit to the North Dakota States Attorney's sex offender website, be forewarned the sheer numbers alone are unsettling.  Beginning Tuesday June 21, the state is providing greater details about individual offenders.  Up to this time, Many of these details were only divulged when the registered sex offender's risk level was assigned as high or lifetime. As of last Friday, there are 1,613 sex offenders of all levels required to register in the state.

There is no more hiding in the shadows


Recent updates to the state's website now include pictures of ALL offenders. Up to this time, photos were only provided online for those higher-risk individuals. Now photos are available regardless of the offender's assigned risk level.

Why the update?

“Among the feedback we received from stakeholders was that the old site was difficult to search for information about some offenders, particularly those whose risk level had not yet been assigned.


In addition, many of the public safety features were only available for high-risk offenders and those required to register for life,” said Attorney General Wrigley.


“The updated website makes it easy to search for and find detailed information about every offender, regardless of their risk level.”

There are more than simply images now additionally being shared. Descriptions of the crimes and other detailed information will now be available. This gives you a chance to decide for yourself what constitutes "low or moderate risk".   When it comes to your neighborhood or workplace I'm sure no-risk is the only acceptable answer.

Odds are sex offenders now live in your neighborhood.

I told you right away it may be unsettling. To check out the new features, including the location of sex offenders nearest to you, simply click on the updated ND States Attorney's sex offender search site.  Take a deep breath and go ahead and enter your address.

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