David Snyder, according to an article in the Grand Forks Herald grew up on a hobby farm between Grand Forks and Thompson, North Dakota.

The pianist performed a pop song that he composed to a standing ovation from the America's Got Talent crowd.  He received three yes's from all of the judges, and is moving on to the next round on the reality competition show.

In typical North Dakota fashion though, we got no respect.  I should say David didn't receive any respect.  They never even said his name during his performance and only played about:45 seconds of his whole performance.  Thanks a lot, Simon.

Getting back to David Snyder, he's 24 years old and is a long way away from North Dakota.  He currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where he has built a career in entertainment.

Snyder moved to Los Angeles in 2016 after graduation.  He was home-schooled but participated in extracurricular activities at Thompson High School, including theater, choir, and cross-country.  He is one of 10 kids and his parents still live in the rural Grand Forks area.  David said his parents have always been big supporters of his dreams of becoming a professional musician.  Not only does he play piano, but he also does some modeling, and is a TikTok sensation with about 100,000 TikTok followers on his TikTok page.

David Snyder really is a tremendous piano player.  In case you missed his performance on America's Got Talent last night, here it is again.  They could've at least said his name.

NBC's America's Got Talent YouTub channel can be found here.



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