WalletHub has found a way to gauge just how patriotic every state in the country is.

As it turns out, North Dakota is right in that meaty part of the curve. Not showing off, not falling behind. North Dakota has ended up as the 25th most patriotic state in the U.S.

In order to determine this ranking, the two main focuses were military engagement and civic engagement. North Dakota finished 31st in military engagement. This was not helped by having the lowest average number of military enlistees in the country. However, our state ranks 14th in civic engagement. This includes the state's share of adults who voted in the 2016 election and amount of volunteers, as well as volunteer hours per resident. North Dakota is known for having good numbers volunteer-wise.

Based on the determining factors, the most patriotic state is Virginia. Alaska, Wyoming, South Carolina, and Colorado followed to round out the top five.

The least patriotic states are New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Illinois, and New Jersey coming in last, or as the least patriotic state.

The full map of each listing is seen below.

Source: WalletHub

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