Thinking about moving away from North Dakota? You're not alone.

Over the last year, from Oct. 2016 to Oct. 2017, North Dakota residents were among the most eager to leave the state in which they reside according to a new report from LendingTree.

The mortgage loan company combed through data over the last year to see which states had the highest percentage of people that were looking to get out of their home state.

North Dakota was No. 4 on the list of the percentage of people looking to move out of state. But it wouldn't appear as though cold weather was a main factor in why North Dakotans wanted to move. The state that North Dakotans were looking to move to most often was Minnesota.

According to LendingTree, a staggering 21.5 percent of North Dakota residents were looking to move out of state. That means more than one in every five people want to get out of North Dakota.

To put that in perspective, if you are sitting in the middle floor section of the Belle Mehus Auditorium in Bismarck, there are at least 2 people in every single row looking to leave the state.

Only residents in Alaska, Hawaii, and Vermont were more eager to leave.

If you do choose to leave North Dakota, we'll miss you.

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