When it comes to Super Bowl foods, everyone has their favorites they'll include on the menu for the game.

If you think of the typical foods associated with football, the popular favorites come to mind: pizza, wings, nachos, chili, different types of dip, burgers maybe, but none of those are the favorite of North Dakota. We're a little more creative. According to the popular food publication, The Daily Meal, in North Dakota, the favorite is Bacon-Wrapped Smokies.

It's literally a piece of a smokie sausage wrapped with bacon and dusted with some brown sugar. For the exact recipe, Tablespoon has it for you right here.

Coming from someone who's been to several NDSU games to tailgate, I can certainly attest to this. North Dakotans definitely like Bacon-Wrapped Smokies. In fact, if one would be so inclined, you can even try Bacon-Wrapped Bratwurst (the recipe is in the hyperlink provided).

To find the most searched-for Super Bowl foods for every state, The Daily Meal used top searches from Betty Crocker and Pillsbury. You can view what food every state prefers on Super Bowl Sunday at the link here.

Then again, maybe you have a different preference. So how about it North Dakota, what's your favorite food for the big game?

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