February is American Heart Month, and a number of celebrities have gotten in on the message—in particular, Allison Janney. Janney is now the spokesperson for Go Red for Women, a campaign by the American Heart Association aimed at spreading awareness that the number one killer of women (and men) is heart disease.

Allison Janney red dress
Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Go Red for Women recently released information on several popular foods that you should avoid if you're at risk of heart disease (and you very likely are). Fortunately, they spoke with nutritionist Maribet Rivera-Brut who offered suggestions for how to replace those foods—and they're really not bad, we promise!

  • Food to avoid: French fries
  • Replace it with: baby carrots, carrot sticks, fresh fruits (like fruit salad), celery sticks or sliced apple
  • Food to avoid: high-fat milk
  • Replace it with: skim milk, or substitutes like soy, almond or rice milk
  • Food to avoid: steak, and other red meats
  • Replace it with: skinless chicken, fish, turkey, or non-meats like tofu
  • Food to avoid: pizza
  • Replace it with: okay, even they understand you won't be able to resist pizza, so try adding some vegetables like eggplant and artichokes to it, make a side salad, or use whole-wheat crust

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