Sometimes in life, you have to face an "Unhappy Ending" - even though you may have had your fingers crossed hoping for a better result

This is quite a sticky situation when you set your mind on getting a massage - first of all, unless you have been to the business before, and have full trust in the services you are seeking, there are unfortunately some places that "Go Too Far" - as in "illegal use of hands" so to speak.

Just last summer things got a little too heated at a local massage business

Last June when the temperatures were nice and warm, over at 1421 Mapleton Ave, the thermostats inside the Cherry Blossom Therapy went up and down too many times, enough to cause suspicion with the police, as several people had reported sexual acts inside the spa. According to "Cherry Blossom Massage Therapy, LLC owners David Coble, 54, and Yanhong Coble, 48, were arrested in June after police investigated multiple tips about their business...The court dismissed charges against the couple, after defense attorneys argued there wasn’t evidence to show the pair knew the acts occurred at the business"

However, the couple wasn't out of the woods yet

Prosecutors filed a felony charge against the business last week, added. Yesterday the Judge handed the two owners their penalty - issuing them a $7,500 fine and releasing their grips on the assets - as in property assets. The "Not A Happy Ending" was accepted and left David and Yanhong Coble with a frown on both their faces.


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