A self-described "little anarchist" in Texas is among a number of Americans fighting for their right to bear arms - more specifically, arms made at home via a 3-D printer.

The Washington Post describes 30 year-old Cody Wilson as a man driven by a mission: to protect the right of American citizens to acquire and use downloaded blueprints to build 3-D firearms at home.

By downloading the blueprints, citizens are able to construct guns at home while making an end run around government bureaucracy and background checks.

As you would imagine, there are those who oppose that notion.

Bob Ferguson, Attorney general of Washington state is among those filing suit to stop Mr. Wilson and others from making the blueprints publicly available. ""It makes no sense to make downloadable guns available to any felon, domestic abuser or terrorist."

Still, Cody Wilson vows to fight on. "Unlike other crazy anarchists, I take pride in doing what I say I'll do."

[Source: Washington Post]

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