In somewhat of a surprise move, MacKenzie River Pizza Pub and Grill in north Bismarck has decided to close its doors for good.  According to a message on their Facebook page, MacKenzie Pizza Pub and Grill made this announcement on Wednesday, September 7th.

The popular restaurant has been serving Bismarck Mandan for nearly 10 years.  In the message to their fans, MacKenzie River Pizza Grill and Pub said they could no longer maintain the level of service to their customers because of the limited labor available in the Bismarck Mandan area (limited labor or is it the fact that nobody wants to work anymore?).

They went on to thank their loyal customers over the years and especially the ones who stuck with them during the pandemic.

MacKenzie River originally left this message on their Facebook page stating they would be closing temporarily while they gather and train a new staff.  The post on Facebook certainly looked as though the restaurant would open again.  This was posted on August 18th.

MacKenzie River Facebook Page
MacKenzie River Facebook Page

I guess the challenges of trying to find new employees were just too much.  I've asked this question before and I'll say it again.  "What are people doing for money these days?"  Is everybody making their money from YouTube and TikTok videos?

One thing for sure, I would be extremely leery of opening up a new restaurant or any business for that matter where you need employees these days.  It's quite clear that nobody wants to work for their money anymore.  Kind of a sad state of affairs.

MacKenzie River Pizza Grill and Pub owners Robin and Timothy Bopp also own Ale Works in Bismarck.


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