The NFL regular season is finally here.  The Super Bowl champion favorite for many this year, the Buffalo Bills will be in Los Angeles tonight to take on last year's Super Bowl champion the LA Rams.  Thank God the regular season is back.  Pre-season football has gotten to be as exciting as watching paint dry with virtually no starters playing anymore.

The Vikings are coming off a mundane 8-9 season.  It ended up costing their longtime head coach Mike Zimmer and general manager Rick Spielman their jobs.

Minnesota has hired a new GM and an offensive-minded head coach from the Los Angeles Rams Kevin O'Connell.  Plenty of horses remain in the stable for the Vikings, especially on the offensive side of the ball.  It all starts with their quarterback Kirk Cousins who is expected to flourish under the new regime.

Let's break down the 2022-2023 season for the Vikings week by week and my fearless predictions.

Week 1 Green Bay.  Vikings WIN!  Minnesota usually beats Green Bay at home and the same for this year.

Week 2 at Philadelphia Monday Night.  Vikings LOSE!  Kirk Cousins virtually never wins prime-time games and it probably won't change this week.

Week 3 Detroit.  Vikings WIN!  The Lions are going to be much better this year.  This won't be an easy game but the Vikes should get it done.

Week 4 at New Orleans in London.  Vikings WIN!  Should be another tough game but I like Minnesota's chances across the pond.

Week 5 Chicago.  Vikings WIN!  Minnesota usually beats the Bears at home and it should be the same this season.

Week 6 at Miami.  Vikings LOSE!  For some reason, Minnesota never plays well in Florida.

Week 7 Arizona.  Vikings WIN!  Payback for last year's loss in Arizona which the Vikings should've won.

Week 8 at Washington.  Vikings WIN!  Kirk Cousins goes back to play against his old team for the first time since he's been in Minnesota.  Cousins over Wentz in a shootout.

Week 9 at Buffalo.  Vikings LOSE!  Buffalo might be the best team in the NFL this season and no way the Vikings steal one from the Bills.

Week 10 Dallas.  Vikings LOSE!  For some reason, Minnesota has played terribly against Dallas the last several times at home.  The Cowboys have their number.

Week 11 New England.  Vikings WIN!  Another team Minnesota never seems to be able to beat but that was with Tom Brady.  This year Minnesota gets it done.

Week 12 NY Jets.  Vikings WIN!  The Jets will be better this season but not enough to win in Minnesota.

Week 13 at Detroit.  Vikings LOSE!  The Lions got Minnesota in their building last year and the same thing happens again this year.

Week 14 Indianapolis.  Vikings WIN!  Minnesota hasn't had a lot of success against the Colts over the years but I think they're due this time around.

Week 15 NY Giants.  Vikings WIN!  This might be the easiest game of the year for Minnesota.

Week 16 at Green Bay.  Vikings LOSE!  Not going to sweep Aaron Rodgers and not to mention in the cold in Green Bay.

Week 17 at Chicago.  Vikings LOSE!  Minnesota may need to win this game to make the playoffs.  They probably won't get it done since they rarely win at Chicago.

So, I've got the Vikings at 10-7.  That might be enough to squeeze into the playoffs.  However, if they lose their opener against Green Bay all bets are off.  They could be headed for another losing season.  That first game of the year is so important.



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