You know what good old common sense is, right?

Common sense tells you not to play with fire. Never stick your hand over an open flame, or if you wonder if something is hot enough, don't stick your finger into boiling water. That's common sense. It also applies to many other things in life. Now the common sight of someone reaching over and patting them on their backside is seen in sports. Usually, after a great play, like someone just scored a touchdown, a teammate will give them a hearty "Nice job" spank to their rear end.

Police officers are NOT professional athletes, they are people that have sworn to keep us safe.

Common sense SHOULD tell us that it's probably not a good idea to slap a police officer on their tush. Well, there is a woman in Bismarck who seems to have not received that memo. Last weekend just past midnight, when the bars were alive with people having fun, one lady decided to show her zest for life by extending her hand to one of the officers who had just come in. According to "Kobs-Sabo allegedly jogged up to one of the officers, "took a large swing and slapped (him) in the buttocks,” causing him pain..."

Hand-slap + Burleigh County Sheriff buttocks = Felony

That's just a simple recipe of stupidity for the 50-year old woman. Now whether this feisty butt-spanker was just fooling around or not, there is nothing funny about the charges that she received, reported she "... is charged with felony simple assault on a police officer and misdemeanor sexual assault..." I'm going to make a wild guess that when she went to jail that early morning she kept her hands to herself.


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