The storms which moved through the area early Sunday morning were sketchy in nature, but left a memorable punch in some areas.

The storms moved through the Bismarck-Mandan area around 2am, and some had very strong winds, lightening and thunder, but some areas only received drops of rain while other areas had more rain. On the Southside near the airport, we received lightning, strong winds, but only received a few drops of rain. The strong winds caused a bit of damage with power lines down.

According to Capital Electric Company, and KFYR-TV, the storms knocked out power in some areas, and as of publish time of this article, (4pm, July 8), some areas are still without electricity including, but not limited to Moffit, Menoken, McKenzie, Arena, Driscoll, Bismarck and Sterling.

Crews have been working to restore power to the affected areas and there is no time line on when all areas will be back on line.

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