When you have over 100,000 motorcycles in one area, you can expect a few issues. By all regards, the opening weekend of Sturgis was fairly safe.


According to the SD Department of Public Safety, the opening weekend of rally was safe. There was one fatal accident Sunday morning, but this did not involve a motorcycle.

There were 49 DUI arrests, compared to 47 last year. There were 44 drug arrest made, compared to 55 last year. There were 334 citations issues, compared to 438 last year.

There were over 1000 warnings issues this year, compared to 1499 last year. There were 10 non-injury accidents this year compared to 11 last year. There were 23 injury accidents this year, to where last year there were 12.

These numbers are compiled by the South Dakota Department of Public Safety, and consist of numbers from the City of Sturgis and the Rapid City District and are from 6 a.m. Saturday, Aug 5, 2017 to 6 a.m. Monday August 07, 2017.

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