Fuzzy blankets, and candles are essential to making your home feel cozy. If you're a candle freak like me, you have at least one in every room of your house.

Don't let the wonderful smell and cozy vibe cost you!

The Recall

According to a Consumer Report published by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, Target is recalling 4.9 million candles due to complaints and injuries.

These candles are exclusively sold at Target stores, according to CPSC.gov.

Which Candles Are In The Recall?

Are you familiar with the "Threshold" brand? Here's a picture to help;


The 5.5 oz 1-wick Threshold candles, along with the 14 oz 3-wick, and 20 oz 3-wick candles have all been listed in the recall.

Take a look around your home and check to see if you have any of these. If you do, stop using them immediately and return them to the store.

The Hazard

I'm sure you're wondering why they issued the recall. According to the source, the candles' jars can crack and break during use. This could cause lacerations and is a burn hazard.

As a matter of fact, the report indicated that there have been 137 reports of candle jars breaking and 6 reported injuries where people suffered severe burns and lacerations.

I bought several of these candles just recently; I've had no issue with them, but will be taking them back as soon as possible.

For a complete list of the recalled candles with serial numbers and scents listed check out the report.


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