As far as compelling stories go, this one is tough to beat.

Spencer Wilson, 17, a junior on the basketball team at Bishop McGuinness High School in Kernersville, North Carolina, survived two bouts of cancer only to come back and score the game-winning halfcourt buzzer beater earlier this month in a game he had dedicated to a friend who died from the disease.

Bishop McGuinness was down by one in the closing seconds when Spencer fired a prayer that went in, giving his team an improbable win.

Prayers and improbable wins are nothing new for Spencer, though.

When he was 13, he was diagnosed with a form of tissue cancer:

Doctors said you have a 7% chance to beat this. That was the toughest news I've ever heard."

He underwent 15 rounds of chemotherapy and the cancer went into remission before it returned. Once more, though, he beat it.

Fast forward to earlier in January when Spencer’s coach told the team they would play a 'dedication game,' in which each player would play in honor of someone else. Spencer chose Josh Rominger, who succumbed to cancer last year. As fate would have it, that would be the contest Spencer’s unlikely game-winner occurred, proving his squad may have someone looking out for it, while also proving this crazy shot is only the second-best buzzer beater in recent memory.

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