Did you remember? National Beer Day is Today, Friday, April 7th, and in celebration of the occasion, Thrillist.com published the list of the best beer in every state.

Chris Ratcliffe / Getty Images
Chris Ratcliffe / Getty Images

Sure, you can have any beer and we all have our favorites. Thrillist had someone do the chore of tasting every beer in the country to compile this list! What a gig! Actually, I really don’t know how they came up with this list.

Here’s a fun fact, every state in the union has at least one real beer bar. This is a bar that obsesses over beer. And North Dakota is home to many fine breweries.

Thrillist says the best beer bar in North Dakota is Wurst Bier Hall in Fargo. I’ve been to Wurst. It has a nice atmosphere and is just a cool place to hang out with friends, featuring crafted beer like Grand Teton, Fargo Brewing, and Green Flash. Plus, upon request, you can mix and match various brews for a one of a kind taste.

Another round please!

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