When you factor out Mexico, the largest groups of legal immigrants state-by-state are...not necessarily what you would expect.

Slate recently printed a map (developed with information from the Department of Homeland Security) that documents the largest group of non-Mexican immigrants (the legal ones) in each state.

(Bear in mind that the states differ vastly in sizes; in Wyoming we're talking about as few hundred people, whereas in California it's several hundred thousand.  Also, we're talking strictly about legal, documented immigrants; the illegals are a whole different story.)

In Minnesota, for example, it's Somalians.

South Dakota: Ethiopians.

Montana (no big surprise): Canadians.

And in North Dakota, the largest group is from...

The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

Actually, we have more Bhutanese here than we do Mexicans.

So, instead of Spanish, why aren't more of our schools teaching Dzongkhan...?

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