In life, there are many goals we set for ourselves, and when THIS one, in particular, is accomplished, there is no greater feeling

His name is Mark Knutson, he was a man that inspired others. There were many people who came across him for the very first time, and within minutes found themselves dreaming of a brand new goal - some would have never deemed it possible to even think about finishing a marathon - 26.2 miles.

Thanks in part to Mark Knutson and a man named Mike Almquist...

... Fargo had a good old-fashioned marathon. The SAME distance that is run in Boston and New York and in most cities around the country, and even the world. According to back in 2005, these two did their magic  "...turning the Fargo Marathon into a yearly spectacle that injected millions of dollars into the local economy over the years" Sure the economy gained much from this, but it was the PEOPLE that participated that came out the real winners, and that is what I meant from the title of this story "This ND Man Made So Many Dreams Come True - R.I.P"  Most goals and dreams begin when someone or something INSPIRES you. Thousands of runners have crossed the finish line, and their time didn't matter one bit, the fact is that Mark Knutson instilled in others "That dreams CAN be a reality"

No doubt finishing medals (that are draped around your neck after finishing a marathon) are proudly displayed all over North Dakota -

Mark is responsible for that. Sadly he lost his life at the age of 53 last Sunday morning in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota - his bicycle was struck by a pick-up truck. He will be remembered for his love for fitness, and he will be forever in the memory of so many that achieved a dream, a stepping-stone in life, an ultimate bucket list item - crossing the finish line in life.


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