One thing is for certain, regardless of the college or university you attend, if you are from North Dakota one thing is for certain - we rally behind "Our Own". For years we have all cheered on the UND Hockey program as they have won NCAA Division I Championships.

Both of us, Tigger and BEC, NDSU Alum (Hail The Bison), have ALWAYS cheered on the successful UND Hockey program,  AND why is that?  Because we are PROUD OF NORTH DAKOTA and anyone that relays a "Positive Message" about this "Last Visited" state on many lists!

Time For The Bison

With the Power Five (5) conferences in the FBS of the NCAA Division I now expanding,  It's our opinion that our beloved NDSU Bison should really consider a move up from FCS to FBS.  It's not that far-fetched for the NDSU football team to become part of either the Big Ten, PAC-12 Conference, or the Big 12 Conference.

Heck - next time on a plane just mention, "I'm from North Dakota..." and many times your neighbor will ask "how are this year's Bison looking?" But when a program, as successful as NDSU Bison Football's, with a record winning number of FCS National Championships, the Bison have won 17 national championships and 37 conference championships...

Winning nine (9) NCAA Division I FCS National Championships between 2011 and 2021, and holding the record for the most consecutive championships with five (5) titles between 2011 and 2015...

The Nation Takes Notice.

NDSU Townsquare Media
NDSU Townsquare Media

The Move Up Requirements

1. FBS schools must have an average home attendance of at least 15,000 (over a rolling two-year period).  No problem for NDSU.

2. An FBS school must sponsor a minimum of 16 varsity intercollegiate teams (including football), with at least six men's or coeducational teams and at least eight all-female teams.

Over the years, we are confident you will find many "closet fans" from the University of North Dakota that too, also cheer on the NDSU Bison Football program. As professional speakers, PRCA Rodeo announcers & music directors, auctioneering, and radio show hosts. We tend to put A LOT of miles on that truck or rack up the miles in the sky. One thing is for certain, wherever we go. BEC is usually lounging in an NDSU tee or sweatshirt in her downtime and someone always comes up, immediately saying "Go Bison!"

Origin Of North Dakota City Names

Trailblazers and homesteaders

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