If anyone had a successful 2016 (granted they got away with it), it was scammers in North Dakota.

You've probably heard this before, but typical people calling others, claiming to be the IRS, or that you've won sweepstakes, or a relative, or a potential romantic match were people to watch out for. Government and law enforcement officials have also been portrayed in these scams. For a total, there were 105 of these scams reported to the state's Consumer Protection Division.

Coming in second for 'consumer complaints' was identity theft with 101 complaints. Rounding out the top five were “do not call” violations (78), contractor or home improvement complaints (73) , and automotive complaints (54).

Officials have instructed other to beware of 'scammers.' A good way to avoid such a scam is to non give out personal information and not give money over-the-phone. Here's to taking the necessary precautions in 2017.

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