A long-fought battle THIS time does NOT "Go Up In Smoke"

go up in smoke

* ( of a plan ) come to nothing. "more than one dream is about to go up in smoke"

That's the definition of that phrase to perfection - thanks to OxfordLanguages

This has been a battle for years in North Dakota, this was never an issue back in the "Old Days"  - smoking was just something you would see almost everywhere, restaurants, theatres, heck even in airplanes if you can believe it. I don't smoke, BUT I do puff on cigars ( I know, that's worse than cigarettes - HOWEVER 99% of most cigar enthusiasts don't inhale - YES I am aware of secondhand smoke. The story I wrote last week was about a bill that would make a change to smoking laws -CIGARS.

This isn't the first time an attempt has been made to allow cigar smokers their freedom

According to kfyrtv.com " "Senate Bill 1229 would make a change to smoking laws. It would allow for cigars — not vapes or cigarettes or cigarillos — to be smoked indoors at cigar lounges and bars" - Minot Representative Dan Ruby, R-Dis. 38 has made it his mission to accomplish what has seemed like such a huge mountain to climb. Well, he's ALMOST at the top!

"The bill passed 59 to 32..."

Now there is only one more step - mydakotan.com reports that yesterday "The bill passed 59 to 32 and will be sent to the Senate for consideration after February 24, the crossover date"  

Here is my opinion, I am all for not smoking in public places, like bars and restaurants - because people still like to go out and have a few drinks and relax without breathing in secondhand smoke - I am 100% in favor of Cigar Lounges, that is specifically for those that WANT to smoke and enjoy each other's company INDOORS - Bottom line without sounding so harsh, you dislike the smell of a cigar, then don't walk into one - simple as that. Very soon we may have a few lounges popping up here in BisMan.


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