Excuse the attempted cute play on word in the title...

...but the bottom line is that I believe the North Dakota State Senate is completely unfair with their latest ruling on a proposed bill. Here is the deal, how many times have we seen on television the amazing job that police dogs do out in the field? They are just as important in fighting crime as anything else, ALSO law enforcement canines have something in common with humans, they retire one day - and are they taken care of just like the men and women who put their life on the line every day until they left the force?

House Bill 1388 - A chance for our four-legged friends to get the respect and dignity they so deserve

This is definitely a story that disappoints me. According to mydakotan.com "House Bill 1388 would provide funding to handlers that care for law enforcement canines after service of $1,000 a year for medical expenses for the rest of the life of the police dog. The bill received a Do Pass recommendation from the Senate Judiciary by a vote of four to three" As I said before, you would think that these animals who raced into peril during their career would be given the respect and dignity to retire with some benefits the rest of their lives.

 Sen. Ryan Braunberger, D-Dis. 10, Fargo. said it perfectly

“Law enforcement dogs are a vital part of law enforcement teams, They provide safety in volatile situations because they can help de-escalate them" Sadly all common sense and humanity were lacking when the votes were turned in - The bill failed by a vote of 27 to 20.


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