One of the questions I hear almost every day is "What's the latest on Chase Hurdle? Any news?"

Sadly as of today, December 12th, there is none. So you can take that both ways, one the negative. People will say that someone missing since November 2nd can only turn out bad. I disagree, and so does Darius Hurdle, the father of Chase. This 18-year-old bright young man was last seen near the Memorial Bridge. The Bismarck High School senior was at school that morning. I spoke to Darius this afternoon on the phone, he was filled with optimism, courage, and hope. That's THE way we should all look at it.

A large family who all are waiting for the return of Chase

Darius relayed to me that his whole family is carrying on the best that they can. The walls of the Hurdle home are proudly displayed with pictures of family members. A special room has been set up as an everyday reminder of Chase. The young man's room has been left undisturbed. There is not a day that goes by without encouragement, notes, letters from friends and neighbors inspiring the Hurdles to keep positive thoughts. In the absents of Chase, Darius's son was recently accepted at NDSU. A promising future still has a light that is shining, as this intelligent teen excelled academically and in the choir.

A Bismarck Sergeant will not stop until he is found

I had a chance to sit down with Sergeant Mark Gaddis from the Bismarck Police Department back in Mid-November. He was out and about passing fliers, trying to get the word out about Chase. Darius told me that Gaddis has been "Nothing but a blessing for us" He stays in touch with the Hurdle family and has shown his heart "way beyond what we would expect". Darius believes that his son is somewhere "Trying to find himself", and we can all relate to that.

What's it like waking up every day with your son still missing?

It's impossible to be able to relate to that question unless you have been through something like this. "Every day, through Thanksgiving, and now into the Christmas holidays, we are keeping our hopes alive" Darius wrapped up our conversation by telling me that there are presents waiting under the Christmas tree for Chase when he comes home.


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