The Eagles dropped their fifth straight game to the Ravens following a failed two point conversion at the end of the game.

Carson Wentz had another opportunity to lead his team down the field with less than two minutes to go and be a hero. And for a brief moment, Wentz was a hero.

Wentz led his team in 1:35 59 yards down the field ending the drive in a Wentz rushing touchdown. This put the Eagles to within one point with just four seconds left to go in the game.

An extra point would have tied it but Eagles head couch Doug Pederson opted to go for the win and attempt a two-point conversion.

Wentz's pass to Jordan Matthews fell incomplete and the Eagles fell to the Ravens 27-26.

Once again, the Eagles offense relied heavily on the pass with Wentz dropping back 42 times. Wentz completed 22 of those passes for 170 yards and an interception.

The Eagles are home against the Giants this week on Thursday night football.