This is not a question to test your integrity

I mean that in a positive way, we see this usually almost every day, of course, it depends on your daily schedule. Most of us are on auto-pilot mode when we are out and about, on our way to work, or what have you. We pull up to a stoplight, our heater in the car nice and warm, and off to our left, there is someone holding a sign. Some of us pay attention to it, others don't even bat an eye.

The quick second it takes to glance over, the immediate thought comes to mind

This person is holding a sign that is asking for spare change, some may even be letting us know they are looking for work and anything we can do to help out would be great. Now for some, the first thought is that the time it takes to stand there, for however long they are "at their post", why aren't they out-pounding the streets applying for jobs? We have all seen fast-food restaurants and other such businesses that are quite open about telling us out short-handed they are. Surely there is someplace that would hire them.

We don't have the time to stop and question why

Today I saw two different people literally within 50 yards from each other asking for loose change. My feeling is this, we have no idea what is going on with that person, so I see nothing wrong with good-hearted people rolling their window down real quick and handing over a buck, or even $5 dollars. Whatever makes you feel good, then more power to you. Some people may even think to themselves why aren't the local police chasing away panhandlers? After all, they aren't interfering with the flow of traffic. Most of those that are on the street corners that I have witnessed are respectful.

So, is anyone actually making a living doing this?

Again, I would have no clue. It's not my place to walk over and ask them, I would find it hard to believe that it's not something they enjoy, especially with North Dakota weather that can change in 10 seconds. I just try and remember this old saying, "to each their own" What do you think?


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