I asked Bismarck Mandan what we need more of in our community?  In some cases the answers turned out to be what we need less of.

The general theme was we need more activities for families and kids, especially in the winter.


Concerts was something came up several times on our US 103-3 Facebook page.  What a coincidence.  Details on a new show coming soon on your Country Concert Leader!


Better drivers came up several times and it seems like people drive way to SLOW to me.


More restaurants came up several times as did a better water park and more ice rinks.


As somebody who lives in Lincoln, we need more ways out of the city.  The commute is much longer than I anticipated.  We also need a car wash (hearing rumors one may be coming) and also a grocery store!  (Also hearing rumors of a potential grocery store coming to town!)  I wonder how long before Lincoln gets a middle & high school?  It's now the 15th biggest city in North Dakota.

Well, the discussion is still going on facebook.  CLICK HERE to like us and join the party!

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