Have you lived in North Dakota your whole life?

I can't say that I have, I am from San Diego, California, however, I once had a Fargo/Moorhead native tell me that he felt you had to have lived in North Dakota for at least ten years before you can start acting like a local ( whatever that means ). The question I ask of you is what inspires you the most about living here? Of course, it's hard to relate to that, if you have never lived anywhere else. You obviously have nothing to compare it to.

The good old fashioned "change of seasons"

You may have taken this for granted, OR you just flat-out hate the winter ( it is pretty hard to embrace sometimes ), but the change of seasons is one of my favorite things about living here. In a city like San Diego, you don't get a chance to experience that. One of the most attractive reasons for living in North Dakota is that it is cheaper in almost every way, from the gas pumps, to actually owning your own house. Ok, I get all of that, when people say we don't have what the big cities enjoy, I disagree. We might not have certain chain restaurants or things like that. What we do have are people, for the most part, wh genuinely care about each other. The "North Dakota Nice" is about 99% accurate. We have the Bismarck Larks, where on a sun-splashed summer day we can take in a baseball game with your whole family. The Missouri river is all ours, and amazing places like Medora are easy trips to make.

People should be the inspiration for where you live

We don't have huge traffic snarls, we come together on a warm Bike Night on a Wednesday, it's people that make a city great, and I feel fortunate enough to live here.


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