I've heard people say in disgust their disdain for others, and this story actually fuels that fire

Have you ever come across someone who shouts out in anger how sick and tired they are of hearing awful disturbing news. I'm talking about things that the normal person can't even comprehend doing. Like a full-grown adult male throwing an infant across the room. Think about that actually happening. You might just have that same "people disgust me" feeling right about now. How does a person just snap? Can't control their anger? That's the scary thing if you find yourself ever being around someone like that. Unfortunately, an infant experienced that lately.

In Valley City, North Dakota a man lost his temper and all it took was a second for his rage to cause serious harm

A crying baby was all it took to ignite a ticking time bomb. According to valleynewslive.com "A baby is hospitalized with severe head trauma after court documents say the child’s father became frustrated by her crying and lack of eating. 25-year-old Justin Gibson is charged with felony child abuse and felony aggravated assault of a child." The news story goes on to say that Gibson first told a social worker that maybe his elbow had caused some damage after both of them had fallen asleep, but he soon changed his tale after talking with a deputy. His lack of patience led to his violent actions.

What's next for this monster?

"Gibson faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. His next court date has not yet been scheduled" valleynewslive.com reported. I'm going to guess he'll keep his mouth shut when he gets behind bars, there will be many convicts (who have kids themselves) who would love to "Throw him across a room" if they find out why he's in there. Wouldn't that be a case of karma kicking in?

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