It's only a matter of time before we see one of these unbelievable vehicles tooling around Bismarck and Mandan

Who knows, there already may be one somewhere in a garage near you. This is what is called a Rezvani Vengeance - it kind of looks like something you would see in the movie 'RoboCop'.  An obvious first impression of this vehicle is that it looks pretty solid, almost like a tank - well you wouldn't be far off with that thought.

Taking a look at their website is quite an eye-opener

If you take a couple of seconds to scan their website - you'll notice a few obvious things, like the price tag for instance - starting around the ballpark of around $285,000 bucks. Ok, no big deal. What does it come with AND any extra perks I can put into it? I can see your mouth watering already. If you decide to go with the Military package, check out just a few goodies you'll get:

* Bulletproof glass and body armor

*Underside explosive protection

*Smoke Screen

*Military Runflat Tires

*Thermal Night Vision System

*Reinforced suspension

*Electrified Door Handles

*7 bulletproof vests

*7 bulletproof helmets

and there are many more elements you can pick up.

SO why would you want to be one of the first people in town to have one of these?

Well in my opinion there are a million reasons why.....for one, you wouldn't have to worry about anyone dinging your store at a super crowded parking lot. I don't really think you would ever need your vest or helmet that much ( the potholes aren't too bad out here ). Enjoy this video, and never rule out that one day you could be cruizing down the strip here in Mandan!

Rezvani Vengeance Shmee 150 YouTube

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