If you take into account all the noise we hear on a daily basis, you'll realize the world is a very noisy place, to where we just block out a lot of the things we hear on a daily basis.

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The National Transportation Atlas Database tracks all of the noise we hear and actually has a map of every city in the country, with a color, or ranking of the amount of noise each area is subject to. You'll find a lot of yellow, orange and red on the map. The red is the loudest volumes of noise we hear.

If you think about it, air traffic, motor and highway traffic and rail, our ears hear a lot every day to the point where we just block it out, or its considered white noise. Have you ever noticed the walls on the sides of the interstate when you travel? That wall is to cut down or block out the noise from the highway.

Going by the map, Fargo would be the noisiest place in North Dakota, followed by Bismarck and Minot.

Can you hear me now?


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