We're almost at the midpoint of the NFL season and one thing we know for sure is that we know nothing for sure.

Aaron Rodgers may be done for the season. Rookie DeShaun Watson is playing at an all-pro level. Adrian Peterson started the season as a Saint, but is now a Cardinal. This season has unfolded unlike any in recent memory and promises to be as wild as ever.

The Patriots got off to a somewhat sluggish start, dropping two of their first three home games and barely eeking out a win in the other. The Falcons can't hold a 17-point second half lead against the Dolphins. The Chiefs ran roughshod over everyone (Patriots included) before falling to a Steelers team that got spanked at home by the Jaguars and lost to the lowly Bears. What in the name of Vince Lombardi is going on?

The Eagles are 5-1. The Raiders, a trendy Super Bowl pick, are 2-4. The Rams -- the Rams! -- are 4-2, lead the league in points scored and are showing off an offense not displayed since that franchise massacred opponents with The Greatest Show on Turf with Jared Goff playing his role as 2017's Kurt Warner (although, to be fair, the team only has eight passing TDs in six games).

There's still a lot of football left to be played, so we'll have to see if this madness plays itself out or if we have really entered a new world order where the Cowboys finish under .500 and the Vikings make the playoffs with Case Keenum under center.

Until that time, just sit back and try to make sense out of chaos.

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