"You never know." That's the quote from Philadelphia Eagles head Coach Doug Pederson regarding Carson Wentz and his status with the team.

As Yahoo! Sports reports, the coach opened his Monday press conference with the comment that QB Nick Foles's ribs were "fine" following Sunday's win over the Chicago Bears and that Mr. Foles would start in New Orleans against the Saints.

That begs the question: what of Carson Wentz? Well, the Eagles have kept Carson on the active roster despite his inability to play and the coach did offer an explanation of sorts as to why they haven’t made a roster move to bring in a healthier player.

“Well, listen, I mean, we keep winning...We keep putting ourselves in a position to be successful. You never know. You never know what next week might hold. So we just keep that — we’ve done it a lot this year.

"We kept Darren [Sproles] up all season. We’ve done it with other players this year. Sidney Jones is another one that we keep alive. We keep these guys coming and we’ll see where they are at in another week.”

The bottom line: It's unlikely that we'll see Carson Wentz back on the field this season, but "the team is staying prepared for such a development." (Yahoo!)

Stay tuned...

[Source: Yahoo! Sports]

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