Scrolling through Facebook is something most of us do every day

Yes, I am one of many who check in on my Facebook, catching up with friends in San Diego, California, that's WHY this social media platform was invented. So if we aren't searching for anyone, in particular, we probably SCROLL through all the posts, maybe something will cause you to stop - this one did for me without a doubt.

Sorry to disrupt your scrolling, but this is important:

This post stopped me literally in my tracks, it was written by Mark Barden, father of a first-grader who lost his life in a hail of bullets, fired from a rifle that was designed for war. December 14, 2012, was the date that a coward chose to end the lives of 28 people at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Mark Barden Facebook
Mark Barden Facebook

Here is just a part of what Mark posted about that horrendous day, so shocking to even read, and even more terrifying to think that it could happen again, and again.

 "The shooter who murdered my sweet little Daniel brought an AR-15 assault-style weapon with him to my son’s first-grade classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary. In approximately four minutes, he shot 154 bullets, killing 20 children and six educators"

What can we do out here in Bismarck/Mandan?

Easy, you can head to and find out how you can sign a petition for stricter laws. It just takes a second to find out more information on what we can do. Now I'm sure there will be many that will say "Ahhh I'll let others do the groundwork.." That's the problem, many don't want to get involved, but WHY? The picture above could have been your child that was murdered.

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