Were you one of the local citizens that received this last year?

Not everyone had the chance to voice their opinions here in Bismarck. Out of a population of around 72,777 ( 2019 ), there were 362 people who actually responded in this 2021 survey. So exactly what was it all about? Well everyone wants to know pretty much how they are doing, how they are received etc in whatever workplace or occupation we are in. It's a way to gauge our overall performance. Who knows, not everyone likes to get involved with a survey, there are many that just don't care to take the ten minutes or so time to fill one out.

Just recently the Bismarck Police Department had its 2021 survey results released

Well before we get into what Bismarck Police discovered from their survey, how do you feel about our police department?  Do you feel safe? That's a pretty important question wouldn't you think? Nobody wants to live in fear and Bismarck Police would hope that citizens feel protected. According to kfyrtv.com "Many people responded that Bismarck police were respectful, helpful, and the department was transparent with their citizens. 41 percent of respondents say they’ve had no interaction with police. However, many reported that the department was biased"

Biased? I disagree

Here is an example of some of the questions asked

You can check out the full survey by clicking here. Several of the questions focused on the time it took for Bismarck Police Officers to respond to a call, and the most common were focused on what was their conduct like. How is that biased? By giving the public access to a series of questions, it can only lead to enhancing our police department.

Bismarck Police Department Recruiting Video YouTube


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