Sorry if the title of this story is a little insensitive but most people would agree that this scum doesn't deserve a damn thing

I saw this over the weekend and many comments I read were of complete surprise that this horrible man was still alive. Why are we still wasting our time with a human being that showed no remorse for an unthinkable act back in 2003, Alfonso Rodriguez Jr was arrested for the disappearance of University of North Dakota student Dru Sjodin. Her body was eventually found near Crookston, Minnesota. According to "The trial was held in federal court because Sjodin had been taken across state lines. This meant that Rodriguez was eligible to receive the death penalty if convicted..." North Dakota and Minnesota do not have the death penalty.

Rodriguez Jr was found guilty in 2006, and even admitted killing her to a doctor in 2013

The trial gained national attention exposing a true monster, a slime ball that had spent over 20 years in prison for another violent crime. The true evil that Rodriquez Jr inflicted on Dru Sjodin earned him the Death Penalty. When would he be put down? Many people waited for that day.

Last year a judge overturned the 2006 jury's vote for his death penalty

After stating some technicalities, judge Ralph Erickson put a roadblock on the death penalty for Alfonso, according to "...after ruling that misleading testimony from the coroner, the failure of lawyers to outline the possibility of an insanity defense, and evidence of severe post-traumatic stress disorder had violated Rodriguez’s constitutional rights"

The defense has tried a new angle to halt any further action of possible death for the convicted trash

That attempt has been DENIED. added that Rodriguez Jr's attorneys filed a motion asking the judge " reconsider intellectual disability as a defense" Sorry, no dice ( my words not the judge ).

Alfonso Rodriguez Jr murdered an innocent young woman in cold blood - do you believe that putting him to death would be justified?

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