A hard-line critic of Islam will speak in Bismarck this weekend.

A group called "for our children ND" announced on Facebook that they are bringing Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolf to speak Saturday at the Quality/Comfort Inn.

Ms. Wolff is popular with right-wing groups in America and Europe for her opposition to Muslim immigration.
Hailed as a "human rights activist" and defender of "European" values by her admirers, she has been prosecuted for "hate speech" in Europe, most notably in her native Austria.
In 2011 an appellate court in Vienna upheld her conviction on charges of "denigrating religious beliefs of a legally recognized religion" after giving a series of seminars about "the dangers of Islam."
Still others have opposed her "racist" message while defending her right to freely express her opinions.
She has spoken in America at anti-immigration rallies and addressed a gathering of Donald Trump supporters during the 2016 campaign.


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