Prince Harry is a member of the Royal Family and people care about him for some reason. Carson Wentz is a Quarterback in the NFL who grew up in North Dakota.

But are these two individuals who supposedly live in two separate countries and live two completely separate lives actually the same person?

Joe Giddens | Getty Images
Joe Robbins |Getty Images

Maybe. They might be. Let's see if there's any more evidence. Has 'Prince Harry' ever played American football?

Chris Jackson | Getty Images

Yup. And look at how he plays football in a collared shirt just to pretend he isn't Carson Wentz. We can see right through that!

And let's be honest. Who is the person in the below photo?

Chris Jackson | Getty Images

Who is that?! Do you know? Are sure? Are you 100% sure?

It's official. Carson Wentz and Prince Harry are the same person.