I moved here just over two years ago from Minot, North Dakota

Seemed like literally a couple of days after I got myself and two cats settled into my apartment, COVID-19 reared its ugly head. We saw Bismarck/Mandan come to a crawl, with businesses closing their doors ( some for good ), and just everyday life and things we took for granted all seemed to disappear. As the weeks, months went by dealing with trying to get our lives back, I found on Facebook a group page called Bismarck People Reporting News. To me, this is the heartbeat of Bisman.

I found myself turning to this page every time I checked into Facebook

The BPRN is truly the hub of this town, you can find anything on here. Ian Sweep the administrator does a fantastic job of filtering out the truly negative and hurtful comments that some people choose to hurl at others. I have read posts from local people who have found a wallet ( with money in it ), who are honest and just want the rightful owner to get it back. Some have written in obvious pain their search for a missing pet. Hey, are you looking for work?

This group page can help you make a buck or two

Let me give you a quick example of maybe your next employer:

This "Straight forward, no beat around the bush ( whatever the heck that means )" post is pretty clear: "Does anyone know if there are people that I can pay to come clean up the dog poop in my yard?"

Ok, now I have a few questions, does the future dung picker-upper need to have any experience? Does he or she supply their own shovel? Any health or dental insurance offered for this gig? Will this be a possible full-time poop position? Huge thanks to Hannah for allowing me to share this gem post.


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