I kind of knew this was coming when I too had heard some late-night noise ( No not the neighbor's snoring echoing through the walls )

I knew this was coming because I wrote about this event last week about Dakotah Speedway's debut on Friday - "Feel The Thunder" - all the activity was scheduled to kick off around 7 pm. Whether you made it out there or not, the "Thunder" was heard all around Bismarck, and apparently, there were several people who didn't read my article or "got the memo". Here is the thing, don't point fingers at Dakotah for the late-night annoyance. I heard something WAY after 11:00 pm last Friday night, cars racing their engines LOUD, and I rolled over in bed thinking that Dakotah Speedway action was running late, not true.

I wasn't the only one that had my sleep interrupted

My mouse scrolled through Bismarck People Reporting News on Facebook yesterday and came across this... "Sleeping with the windows open tonight and all I can hear is racing vehicles! I’m not from this town originally, is there some sort of car racing that happens at 12:30 at night? I live near Centennial Elementary and it sounds like I live on a racetrack this is too late for it to be Dakota Speedway, right? It’s been going on for 45 minutes or so"  Now I don't blame this person for writing in, and I would have just assumed it was Dakota. So many people responded to this woman's post, and now I am convinced Bismarck has a late-night activity that is to blame.

Drag racing in Bismarck

This is what everyone is hearing, ripping down Main, one person called it "the midnight club" - but the majority of those that have written in response have all agreed that the Dakotah Speedway last Friday night was OVER by 10:30 - so do the math, the noises I heard were from cars with loud engines, roaring through the streets.

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