It's happened quite often over the last year or so, almost surprisingly hard to believe

I forgot how long ago it was, but on the very same day here in Bismarck, I came across two local businesses that were extremely understaffed. Now I already know from personal experience the frustration of when your favorite place to eat either closes early or just shuts down - due to a lack of employees that WANT to work. So when I came across this post on Bismarck People Reporting News my hope for all of humanity ( or at least here in Bismarck/Mandan ) has been restored.

A 13 and a half old teenager with all the drive and ambition of a rising star

Here is what Emily's mom posted:

"My daughter Emily is looking to pick up some babysitting jobs now that brother and sister are working this summer!
She is 13 1/2 and has about 3 years experience and loves kids! message me if interested and please share!"

I was able to get a hold of Kim this afternoon, she told me her daughter completely understands the value of money, what it takes to go out by yourself and EARN money, and that is something most young people don't grasp until they are...well around my age :)

Her goals are simple and modest

To own a house on a ranch one day with horses. This go-getter loves babysitting for all the wonderful reasons - she is 100% about helping and caring for others. Kim and her husband JD used to give her an allowance, but because of the way these two brought her up, teaching Emily "what the real world is all about" - she is doing it all on her own. Earning every cent through hard work builds character, and this young lady has plenty of it and way more.

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