Ah the wonderful things you see and learn about Bismarck through social media

Once again I came across another gem on the Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook group page - just shy of a couple of years ago, on this lazy light snow falling Sunday afternoon, I surfed ( or should I say skied? ) through the internet, my eyes looking for something out of the ordinary, I found it - Naughty Bingo.

Say what? Naughty Bingo? At first, I had a hard time wrapping my brain around those two words

When you hear the word 'Bingo', what image pops into your head? For me, it's usually a large group ( mostly senior citizens ) armed with like 50 markers and about a dozen cards in front of them. Now I just want to point out real quick that this very vocal game ( especially if you win "BINGO!!!!!" ) is not restricted to the older generation, there are many younger people with the same aspirations of winning money and prizes, heck there are some that have added a little 'spice' to this game of suspense...Hence  "Naughty Bingo" OR "Dirty Bingo".

Here is the intriguing post that I came across almost two years ago

From Bismarck People Reporting News:

"Help, please!
A friend told me there's a "Naughty Bingo" or "Dirty Bingo" that happens sometimes in town.
Can anyone tell me more about it and when/where it might happen? We want to go!"
So I scrolled through the comments, and someone asked the obvious question "Can someone please explain what naughty bingo or dirty bingo is?

Finally, the answer I was looking for

"You get ADULT prizes" Well alrighty then. Others responded as well with the news of where you can find this special brand of B  I  N  G  O.

Here for your enjoyment are a likely participant in this action-packed game. My one question - Is this guy a winner, celebrating with a new prize - OR a loser being punished to the crowd's delight?

Lucky's Bar Facebook

I'm just going to say it, I'm almost 99% certain this will NOT be an Olympic event in the future!.

Get ready, it's back: Check out what Lucky's Bar Facebook Page posted recently:

NAUGHTY BINGO IS BACK!! I hope everyone is ready. We have had a lot going on. But the Date is set for Friday January 26th at 9 p.m. Get here early to get your seat!!    


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