This is my kryptonite, and it always will be

What is wrong with some people who think it's ok to abuse an animal? They think nothing of applying some kind of pain and torture towards their pet like it's their right to do so. I came across this post on Facebook this afternoon, from one of my favorite places on earth, Kitty City - I absolutely can't stand reading about those that could care less about anything else but themselves AND take pleasure in cruelty.

Kitty City Facebook
Kitty City Facebook

" It’s been a busy day. This beautiful gal arrived today from another rescue. She was a forced surrender. She had major trauma to her tail with nerve damage leaving her no bowel control due to (suspicion by vet) of being swung around and pulled by her tail. She was kept in a tiny carrier for a LONG LONG time leaving her with such severe muscle atrophy she was unable to walk or even hold her head up. Her toxicity report showed toxic levels of marijuana which she had to be weaned off. She was purposely kept high by her owners. She has no control of her tail and we will find out if amputation is needed. She needs a LOT of care going forward with hopes “maybe” some nerve damage may heal"

I have just one question for these idiots, WHY?????

A simple question, what goes through the mind of a moron that thinks it's cute, funny, and clever, to deliver such juvenile acts on a defenseless cat? Please someone explain the logic of passing on your marijuana with the idea of keeping your cat in a constant state of being stoned?  This animal deserves so much better.

Kitty City provides a safe and loving environment

If you ever get a chance to visit this place, do it - you will be amazed. Kitty City has saved so many animals in the past, and I have no doubt that someone will provide a perfect place for this cat.


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